This is The Tool

The Tool makes communication easier and brings tenants, property managers, facility managers and craftsmen together via a web application and smartphone app. In this way, property management is made more efficient, quicker, more convenient and more cost-effective for all.

Tenants can record damage or faults with a few clicks via the smartphone app and report it to the management team. They can then put in place all measures seamlessly, schedule them by priority and document them. All on one platform – simple and transparent no matter the time or place.

No software installation? All you need is an internet connection.

  • You record a fault or damage yourself – easily, quickly and anytime.
  • You can arrange appointments more easily and win new contracts as well as additional customers.
  • You have a comprehensive overview anytime, and can save money, time and staff resources.
  • Everyone benefits, and residents can share tips and tricks with each other via The Tool.

Download free app for IOS and Android

With the smartphone app from ‘The Tool’, as a tenant you can record a fault or damage anytime 24 hours a day with a few clicks and report it to the property management team with photos or videos. They assign a specialist tradesperson who will send you a suggested appointment straight to your smartphone so the issue can be rectified as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The most important functions of the web application and the smartphone app

Report faults and damage, work through jobs that are ordered and sorted by priority, obtain tenders from craftsmen, issue orders and deal with all communication required on one platform. That is ‘The Tool”.

  • Detailed overview

    Property managers have everything at a glance anytime with the web application.

  • Unlimited number of users

    Also suitable for large housing complexes. The web application and the smartphone app can be used by as many people as needed at the same time.

  • Feedback and ratings

    Tenants can rate the quality of work by craftsmen.

  • Multilingual

    The Tool is available in German and English.

How it works

Clients and partners of ‘The Tool’

We are not alone. We have strong partners who support us - and our customers’ feedback helps to continually improve ‘The Tool’ and make it even more powerful.

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