The Tool

is the smart, multifunctional, digital tool for property management. The solution, which consists of a web application and a smartphone app for iOS or Android makes communication easier and brings tenants, property management teams and craftsmen together on a single platform. In this way, property management is made more efficient, quicker, more convenient and more cost-effective.

Tenants can record and report possible faults or damage with a few clicks via the intuitive smartphone app. Photos or videos can be added if required.

The management team has a comprehensive overview anytime due to the web application, and can coordinate, schedule and document all measures by priority. Even obtaining tenders, selecting craftsmen and issuing orders is quick and easy with ‘The Tool’.

Philipp Scheibli

Philipp Scheibli knows his stuff, as he is a qualified Swiss agriculturalist, agricultural machine mechanic, longstanding CEO of a trade company, as well as a freelance entrepreneur in the disciplines of technology, trade, services and business. This is exactly why he was passionate about ‘The Tool’ from day one. “Being a technically-minded person, I’m fascinated by how simple, yet incredibly useful ‘The Tool’ is. As an entrepreneur, I’m convinced that property managers can save so much time, money and staff resources with this platform and still be able to offer a better service to tenants. As a service provider, I love the idea that craftsmen are able to win more orders and gain more customers with ‘The Tool’. And as a Swiss – we are a country of tenants of course – I think it’s great that tenants can receive quick, straightforward, efficient support in the event of a fault or damage thanks to ‘The Tool’. Everybody wins – and that’s amazing.’

Timo Lars Fuhlbrügge

Timo Lars Fuhlbrügge is an experienced digital developer and has already implemented several smart solutions such as ‘Klassenfreunde’ (known today as ‘Stay Friends’), and the car park management tool ‘ParkLocal’. With ‘The Tool’, he’s now developed a multifunctional digital tool for property management that brings property managers, craftsmen and tenants together on one platform – and offers benefits for all. “The time of a leaky tap or rattling window opening the floodgates to a ton of phone calls, emails, memos or letters is over with ‘The Tool’”, he explains. “Tenants easily record and report an issue to the property management team via the smartphone app. They get tenders via ‘The Tool’ and issue the order. The tradesperson arranges an appointment for repair with the tenant directly. Everything via one platform – quicker, more transparent, simpler and more cost-effective than ever before. So everyone benefits.”

Dr Jörg Rothweiler

Dr. Jörg Rothweiler is a communications professional, copywriter, photographer and freelance journalist. The scientist’s specialist areas include Industry 4.0, the tomorrow’s world of work and digital transformation. He has seen the development of ‘The Tool’ up-close and follows the project as a media stakeholder. “Anyone who wants to solve problems has to communicate. Uniformly, transparently and consistently so everyone’s on the same page”, he says. “Solutions such as ‘The Tool’ show how digitalisation makes life easier and more convenient. Property managers, craftsmen and tenants communicate on a single platform – it’s efficient, really easy, and really quick. Thanks to the digital wall, the exchange between a property’s residents incidentally becomes more important. It prevents anonymity. All it needs is for you to install the free app on your smartphone. That’s incredible.”

‘The Tool AG’ was founded in 2017 in Winterthur. The multifunctional, digital tool unifies and facilitates communication between tenants, property management, facility management and craftsmen via a smartphone app and web application – it’s that easy.

The Tool – we bring together what belongs together!

Clients and partners of ‘The Tool’

We are not alone. We have strong partners who support us - and our customers’ feedback helps to continually improve ‘The Tool’ and make it even more powerful.

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