Service packages

Commissioning and data integration

‘The Tool’ does not need any software to be installed as it’s a web-based application. However, ‘The Tool’ must of course be fed with all central base data regarding your properties, rental properties, tenants and all installations/devices in your residential units. We will set up the web application on all your devices on request, and migrate your data onto the platform used by ’The Tool’. The associated cost is based on the amount of work carried out, CHF 150.00/h.

Training for your team

We offer compact, highly efficient training for your employees so they can get going straight away and use all the benefits ‘The Tool’ has to offer to the fullest. All the web application’s and smartphone app’s functions will be explained here. In addition, you and your employees will learn how to migrate existing data into ‘The Tool’. As a result, your employees, will be ‘ready to go’ after just one training session. The associated cost is based on the amount of work carried out, CHF 150.00/h.

Brochures and sample letters

We will be happy to provide you with sample letters and clearly structured brochures so you can tell your tenants about the benefits to be enjoyed with ‘The Tool’, both for you and for them. You just have to print out the letters, address them and send them out with the brochure. Indeed, all your tenants will be notified and they will each receive an access code for the smartphone app. Your tenants can then get started with ‘The Tool’ right off the bat – and you instantly save time, staff resources, and money as a result. On request, we will send you the neutral brochure in the pack, as well as the ‘Exclusive’ version, adapted to your customised corporate design. The associated cost is based on number of units and design from CHF 150.00.

Customer Service Hotline

Do you have any questions or need some advice? Our customer service team is here for you!

0848 755 755

(+41 848 755 755 if calling from abroad)

Care service form

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Clients and partners of ‘The Tool’

We are not alone. We have strong partners who support us - and our customers’ feedback helps to continually improve ‘The Tool’ and make it even more powerful.

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