3 properties
30 Rental Objects

Monthly (Annual invoice)

The cost-effective solution for managing 5 properties and 30 residential units.

CHF 2.97 per Rental Property / Month


Most popular

3 properties
30 Rental Objects

Monthly (Annual invoice)

The professional solution for managing up to 15 properties and 100 residential units.

CHF 1.99 per Rental Property / Month


3 properties
30 Rental Objects

Monthly (Annual invoice)

The comprehensive solution for managing many properties as you need and up to 500 residential units.

CHF 0.99 per Rental Property / Month


3 properties
30 Rental Objects

Monthly (Annual invoice)

The license that brings workmen more orders and more customers.

Additional packages

For PREMIUM customers who manage more than 500 residential units, we offer additional packages for 30 additional units in each case.

  • Object

  • 30


CHF 1.00 per unit per month, unlimited number of properties

Compare licence packages

All services instantly at a glance: our comparison table will quickly and efficiently show you which licence best meets your requirements.

For property management teams
Starter Professional Premium
CHF 89

CHF 2.97 /Unit

CHF 199

CHF 1.99 /Unit

CHF 499

CHF 0.99 /Unit

Unlimited locations
Managable properties 5 15 unlimited
Managable rental objects 30 100 500
Managable parking spaces
Unlimited number of user
Unlimited number of tenants
Print incidents
Assign incidents
Search and filter records
Import/export data
Profile image and company logo
Personalised tenant invitation
Free service licenses to give
Mark workmen as favourite
Rating system
Radius search for services
Digital wall for administrators
Digital wall for tenants
Request offer & issue orders
Obtain tenders
List of all workmen
System administration
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For workmen
CHF 39
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