Data Privacy

Article 13 of Switzerland’s Federal Constitution and Swiss data protection laws (Datenschutzgesetz, DSG) guarantee everyone the right to privacy and protection from misuse of their personal data. We comply with these provisions. Personal data is treated in strict confidence and is neither sold nor passed on to third parties.

Working together with our hosting providers, we make every effort to protect our databases from access by unauthorised persons, loss, misuse or forgery, and strive to ensure that the systems we use are always at state-of-the-art levels, for our own security and that of our clients.

We undertake to adhere to the rules of data protection and data security in our sphere of influence. This also applies to our employees and freelancers.

When accessing our websites and web services (SAAS), as well as the related mobile apps, we save the data provided by our clients, required for the smooth operation of services, and ensure that this client data can be retrieved via the Internet/Cloud as far as is technically possible. We evaluate the stored data anonymously for operational purposes within the scope of the applicable statutory provisions.

As far as is technically possible, we use our own discretion in taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your data is protected against loss and unauthorised access by third parties (e.g. through regular backups, virus scans, firewalls). Our clients have, in any event, the sole right to the data records introduced by them into the system. Clients may, at any time during the contractual term of the licence, request that this data be returned or deleted. Data is returned at our discretion using data carriers or via electronic transmission.

After a contract has been terminated, we shall save the client data up until the licence’s expiry date plus an additional 30 days. Only during this period can the client request that their data be returned. The client data stored in our systems shall be irrevocably deleted 30 days after the licence expires. Following this, the client shall lose any right to have their data returned accordingly.

We reserve the right to publicly mention clients as a reference. If a client is not in favour of this, they can submit their objection in writing.

Clients and partners of ‘The Tool’

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